My Story

My favourite class at school was always art, whereas most dreaded double art on the timetable, I looked forward to it every week.

This is where my love of art really begun. My BA in sculpture gave me a natural draw to working directly with my hands, a brush is fine, but as an artist I also enjoy getting my hands dirty and becoming fully immersed in my own work.  This has become crucial to my practise and to how I communicate to my audience.

Colour was always fascinated and challenged me.  So many hues and tones, I struggled to match what I could see, I struggled to be able to categorise the colours that I could see.  This challenge became an obsession. 

Whereas primarily many of my paintings appear to be Blue, my pallet in fact is an array of colour, look closely and blue is suggested in many hues, contrasts and guises.

As a secondary school teacher, I enjoyed exploring with students what is creative.  Classical and traditional art being more about technique and skill. Today we use imagination, individual expression and diverse approaches combined with skill on a more personal level. Beyond teaching my journey and exploration has continued.

I love the debate of what is art, and I love to challenge myself in my explorations.

January 2019 I successfully obtained an MA in Fine Art, 2 tiny points off a distinction did annoy me, but again it was in keeping with my life journey – never easy, always challenging, and forever learning.  My practise was right up there, but I fear that it was my struggle with the written word that took marks off me. The grade doesn’t matter they said, but to me, it did but perhaps in a positive way as my journey is not yet done.

My Work

Today I explore two different personas…sometimes they collide, sometimes they are appreciated separately – you cannot please everybody all the time, how very true this is.

My waves and ocean art have gained me the reputation that I have today.  I strive to capture the energy and vigour of the ocean. Painting is a physical work out for me sometimes, seeking to express beyond a mere replication of photographic imagery, but to empathise with all the senses, touch, smell, sound and taste.  If my paintings make you feel seasick, smell the ocean and take you there – then I am successful in my achievement.

My other work is concerned with memory, experience, thoughts and feelings.  The more ephemeral nontangible expressions through creative means.  Nature and time, human involvement and experience fascinate me. I seek to take you there, share my experience, my journey and speak to you, involve you in the experience, and plead to all your senses.

The link with the two personas evident, you as the observer has an important role in my work. You are a necessary component, your response, immerseveness, completes the visual and experience implored.


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